Saturday, April 6, 2013

Um...8 months! Ahhhh!

So some of you may not know ..We are having another little guy..May 13th hopefully!! (due May 18th but they said they would take me a week early) Sorry for the bless your heart sis said you have no pics of you when prego! So here I am ...not wanting to look at the Here I am 8 months..blahh!!! But we are excited !!!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Weekend at the cabin! I have to let you all know I did like 3 or 4 posts shold be proud!..haha..Anyway here is one pic of me and Mr.Boss....We had a blast as always...more pics to come!! Happy post reading/looking !

First Day of School!! 1st Grade!!

Our morning started out with pink you can see kkmust be her favorite color?!lol..It was a pinkaliscious day for her! Pink breakfast,pink outfit and pink cupcake after school!Boston and Berkley Jo...My little first grader!!She has her own desk !! That was one of her favorite things!! And she gets to go to lunch!!
I have to make me sad !! She's such a big girl and all'm sad (for me)and happy for my little jo jo!! Love you big girl!!!

Potty Trained!!

Yeah!!! Bosty is a BIG BOY now ! ...We thought this day would never its truw !! Goodybye diapers!! Hello....big boy "panties" undewear( can you tell he had a older sister?)Showing off his new undies!! Go Bosty Boy! Momma is so proud!!

Park City trip#2...but with the Miller Clan!

Boston being a goof!!
Eric, Gentry and Boston on the lift!The Cousins...after swimming!The cousins..swimming!Brad, Boston and Berk !And the "ham" a.k.a...Boston ! And his goofy momy trying to get a pic !!
We had fun..Brad's parents had a condo for the week so we went up for the weekend and soaked some park city time in!!

Splash Pad- Seven Peaks !

I have to say i think I have pretty cute kids!! There the little partners in crime!! I love these little munches!!

Summer Fun!

We headed up tp Park city to ride the coaster and alpine slide for our birthdays! Thanks to my cute sibs!! Thank you you guys!!